Welcome to the IDE Team Corbin

Corbin Hoffman, E.I.T. recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, took at little well deserved time off and is now ready to start his career as a structural engineer.  Corbin is not a new face to the IDE team because he started as an intern in 2018, but today is his first day as an official Full Timer!  Welcome back Corbin, we’re happy to have you!

We hired Patric with IDE to design structural beam sizes to allow the removal of some bearing walls in our home. The appointment was made promptly and Patric arrived exactly on time. Kathleen, the office scheduler also was very efficient in scheduling the appointment. Patric clearly explained various options for the construction of the beams, and the drawings were prepared in a matter of a few days. A list of suggested contractors to do the work was also provided. Check out the Intelligent Design website for some informative videos on how to determine bearing walls in a home. A very professional company.

Julie Emmons