Structural Inspections

Structural / Forensic Inspections

We perform structural inspections on commercial and residential structures at all stages of construction. We perform inspections for homeowners, realtors, contractors, builders, or investors. If you have any structural issues, we have the experience and knowledge to come up with a solution. We provide a letter after each inspection documenting the information found, our interpretation as to the cause of the issue(s), and our recommended solution. Each letter is given the authority of a Professional Engineer Seal.  Our minimum inspection fee with a report is $450 and ranges depending on the requirements of the report and the complexity of the repair plan. The inspection fee is based on our time involved with the job at our rate of $175 per hour.


We pride ourselves on writing very clear reports with photographs and repair drawings as needed so that any contractor can clearly understand the repairs we are recommending without interpretation. The value we provide is award winning and we come highly recommended.  Please click this link and read our wonderful reviews to see what others are saying about us!  REVIEWS

Examples of Our Reports

SIMPLE – Evaluation of Minor Cracks in the Brick Veneer

MODERATE – Replacing Bearing Walls with Beams

COMPLEX –  Several Sloping Floors, Multiple Cracks, Damaged Trusses & Wood Damage

Consultation Service

Perhaps you are looking for peace of mind and need an evaluation of a structural concern, or perhaps you want to discuss the structural implications of a renovation you are considering. Our service rate is $175 per hour with a minimum $300 fee for a site visit and a “peace of mind” verbal consultation without a written report.

Insurance Inspections

Our firm works closely with home / building owners and insurance companies to give a realistic assessment of the structural condition of the building and document our professional opinion regarding the course and appropriate fix for the solution.

Special Foundation

In the situation where your lot has poor soil conditions, a deep foundation will most likely be your best economical solution. All our engineers are experienced with deep foundation designs and can provide a layout for the installation of either, concrete caissons, timber piles, or helical piers, whichever fits the contractor’s preference and makes the most economical sense.

Commercial Design and Inspections

Our firm has performed structural design on a wide variety of commercial projects ranging from industrial buildings to high rise condominiums. We perform new design as well as inspections on small to medium scale commercial projects.

We are considering some renovations to our home and needed a structural review of the existing construction. IDE handled it with ease and at a very reasonable cost. From the initial phone call to the completed report, IDE was a pleasure to work with. The engineer crawled below and above, spent time listening to our plans, answered all questions, then delivered a highly detailed assessment and informative report within a couple of days. He also had some suggestions of firms to conduct the work. I highly recommend these folks!

Bruce Woods Home Owner